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Savor Beauty’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Savor Beauty’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mom might say, “I just want love and attention this Mother’s Day,” but I think we all know that’s not entirely true. Give Mom (or yourself) some much-needed self-care by gifting her one of these three luxe treats.

1. Rose Quartz Love + Lift Roller ($50)

Rose quartz (which symbolizes love and affection) is the perfect stone to help Mom roll away any facial tension, sagginess or puffiness. Best used with our Carrot Rose Serum ($74), this roller can be kept in the fridge and applied chilled to help tighten pores and reduce inflammation.

2. Fresh Face Kit ($69)

Help Mom achieve firm, lifted skin in less than 5 minutes with our Fresh Face Kit. This three-piece set includes our Velvet Rose Face Cake Mask Mix, Lavender Toning Mist, and Eco Mask Brush so she can have a sweet self-care moment at home.

3. Ageless Caviar Eye Kit ($100)

Featuring our Caviar Eye Cream and Rose Quartz Roller, this kit is the ultimate eye-lifting duo and will delight any Mom suffering from under eye bags, dark circles or excessive exhaustion.

Not included: a heartfelt card and a giant hug—two requirements for every Mom on Mother’s Day.

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