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angela jia kim manifest your best life

Manifest Your Best Life: How to Create Affirmations for Radiance

A few weeks ago, I shared a transformative practice that has been a part of my life since my 20s as a concert pianist: affirmations.

Quick review: What are affirmations?

  • Affirmations are powerful, simple phrases that help us stay connected to our higher intentions.

  • They go beyond just making us feel good, reminding us of our goals and values.

  • By repeating them, we align our thoughts and actions with our aspirations and values.

I believe in affirmations so deeply that when I created the Savor Beauty brand, we included one-word affirmations on the bottles like “calm” or “detox.” 

savor beauty affirmations on bottles and jars

My hope is that you will repeat these one-word affirmations to yourself during your skincare rituals, elevating skincare into a powerful form of self-love.

For instance, as I complete my skincare routine, I love applying the Pomegranate Serum. This luxurious eye serum's one-word affirmation is "Revitalize", and its heavenly scent and luxurious texture cocoon my skin while I say, "I feel revitalized." 

It's a sensory experience that not only pampers the skin but also uplifts the spirit, aligning perfectly with the principles I'm sharing. 

Affirmations Cue In Our Intentions

This past week, I was talking to a friend, Susan Mario Carrick, who is the Equinox Vice President of Pilates, and she shared a powerful practice that aligns with this concept:

“In Pilates, we practice cueing. These are reminders like 'engage abdominals' or 'stack shoulders' that help you get deeper into the intention of the exercise.”

In the same vein, affirmations cue us throughout the day to deepen our intention, whether you are applying skincare, doing Pilates, or practicing mindfulness.

susan mario carrick, equinox pilates
Susan Mario Carrick, Equinox VP of Pilates

"Affirmations are powerful, simple phrases that help us stay connected to our higher intentions."

- Radical Radiance

Interested in creating your own? Here are some guidelines I’ve developed over the years:

1. Phrase affirmations in the present tense. 

Avoid using past or future tense, as it implies chasing or running from desires.

  • For example: Instead of saying, “I will have boundless focus,” say “I have boundless focus" or "I am focused."
savor beauty planner affirmations

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2. State them in the positive. 

Positive statements invigorate and focus our intention.

  • For instance, say “I am confident and focused,” rather than “I am not insecure and unmotivated.

3. Keep it short and simple. 

Your affirmation should be concise and easy to recite.

Simplify your affirmations for easier recollection. It is a lot easier to say affirmations when you can remember them!

4. Connect it to a feeling. 

Engaging your emotions with an "I feel" statement creates a multi-sensory experience.

  • “I feel resilient, strong, and calm.”
  • “I feel well-rested and peaceful."
  • "I feel secure and confident.”

In the Savor Beauty Planner, there's an "Opening Ritual" page, a space where you can write your affirmations and cultivate mindfulness.

affirmations and gratitude

"Every moment of your life is infinitely creative and the universe is endlessly bountiful."

- Shakti Gawain

Seal In the Benefits of Affirmations

Just like you seal in a serum’s moisture with a hydrating face cream, you can seal in the benefits of affirmations using these techniques:

  1. Repeat them out loud. According to psychotherapist Ronald Alexander of the OpenMind Training Institute, vocalizing affirmations daily will reinforce positive beliefs.
  2. Put pen to paper. Writing affirmations multiple times in the first, second, and third person helps internalize their meanings and vibrational energy. For example, 'I feel confident and focused. You feel confident and focused. She feels confident and focused.’
  3. Listen to affirmations. Record yourself reciting them in the first, second, and third person for five minutes. Adding soothing music to the background enhances the meditative experience, allowing affirmations to be absorbed more deeply.

I hope these guidelines serve as valuable tools for you—whether you're cueing yourself throughout the day, stating affirmations, or enhancing the power of mindful ease in your life. Here’s to your radiance! xx

angela jia kim

Angela Jia Kim, founder of Savor Beauty and author of "Radical Radiance", lives in New York City with her teen daughter, mini golden retriever, and philanthropic partner. She embodies a radiance lifestyle through mindful skincare, Kundalini Yoga, mat Pilates, and chakra cleansing rituals. 💞

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