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savor beauty sunscreen SPF 50

Sun, Showers, and Self-Care: Your Guide to Spring Well-being

Springtime is a blend of sunny and rainy days, warm air and cool breezes.

As the season shifts, so does our skin and mood. The uncertainty can lead to stressors as we adjust to the changes.

angela jia kim

At Savor Spa, we've noticed many of our guests experiencing skin sensitivities from the changing weather, including irritation, breakouts, and a need for extra protection.

If you're feeling the need for a spring refresh, you're in good company. Consider embracing these four self-love practices to nourish both your skin and spirit as we welcome the vibrant energy of spring. ☀️

savor beauty sunscreen SPF 50+

1. Detox Your Skin with a Deep Cherry Cleanse

Welcome spring by rejuvenating your skin with a deep cleanse that sweeps away winter’s dryness and dullness.

The Double Cleanse Kit from Savor Beauty allows you to enjoy a spa-caliber Korean beauty ritual from your own bathroom. 

And with cherry blossoms blooming this season, we have a cherry twist to freshen up your routine!

angela jia kim with her mom and daughter

Begin your cleanse with the Coconut Jasmine Pre-Cleansing Oil to gently melt off makeup and dissolve impurities. Follow with the Pearl Cleansing Cream that sweeps away the dirt and debris, purifying your pores.

You can add a dollop of the Cherry Collagen Peel to the Pearl Cleansing Cream or the Jasmine Cleansing Milk for an exfoliating cleanse of cooling cherry, pineapple, and papaya active enzymes to eat away dead skin cells gently.

This nourishing two-step process leaves your skin beautifully clean, soft, and prepared to soak in the goodness of your skincare favorites.

2. Mask + Manifest

Have 10 minutes? Treat both your skin and soul to this multitasking ritual, perfect for weekends or whenever you need a lift. ✨

1. Mix the Chamomile Moisture Mask and Carrot Rose Serum in equal parts. This blend combines natural retinol and rose otto for a luxurious, age-defying treatment that softens and soothes your skin.

2. As you let the mask work its magic, spend 10-15 minutes with your Savor Beauty Planner to manage your to-do list, carve out self-care time, write a gratitude list, and manifest the life you desire.

savor beauty planner

3. Alternatively, you can use this time for mindful meditation. Embracing mindfulness allows you to cultivate a positive mindset and build resilience.

4. You can either rinse off the mask OR leave it on (yes, it’s a leave-on mask!) for glass skin texture. Follow up by layering your hydrating serums and creams onto your skin to seal in moisture.

Your skin feels revitalized, and you’ve taken meaningful steps toward organizing your life for inner peace.

4. Embrace the Sun While Protecting Your Skin 

It's the perfect season to do nature walks, picnics in the park, or even enjoy a peaceful morning meditation outside.

As you enjoy the outdoors, remember to care for your skin so don't forget your SPF! Your skin needs protection from the stronger rays of this season. Wearing SPF consistently can help to prevent a laundry list of skin conditions including premature aging and fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and skin cancer.

savor beauty SPF

Opt for  Radiance Sun Milk SPF 50+  , our hydrating, mineral-based sunscreen with a tropical scent. Its blend of hyaluronic acid, allantoin, bisabolol, and niacinamide not only moisturizes but also soothes and brightens. Apply as the final step after cleanser, toner, serum, and moisturizer .

5. Get Inspired by New Beginnings

Spring is the season of planting seeds for growth, making it the perfect time to get inspired by new aspirations. Create a new goal, learn a new skill, or take a new class to get aligned with your core values while dedicating yourself to a renewed vision.

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Whether it's pursuing a creative hobby, reading a captivating book, or spending quality time with loved ones, prioritize activities that uplift your spirits and contribute to your overall happiness. Spring is the perfect time to redefine what’s important to you, outline career aspirations, or commit to self-care routines. ❤️

angela jia kim

Angela Jia Kim, founder of Savor Beauty and author of "Radical Radiance", lives in New York City with her teen daughter, mini golden retriever, and philanthropic partner. She embodies a radiance lifestyle through mindful skincare, Kundalini Yoga, mat Pilates, and chakra cleansing rituals. 💞

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