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Greenwashing Isn’t As Clean As It Sounds 🌱

Greenwashing Isn’t As Clean As It Sounds 🌱

Maybe you haven’t heard of greenwashing before, but you’ve definitely experienced it.

With demands for cleaner skin care products on the rise, many companies are touting their products as “clean,” “all-natural” or “organic,” even when they’re filled with toxic, carcinogenic, irritating ingredients—this is called “greenwashing.” 

For beauty brands, declaring your product as any category you want (i.e. organic, clean or all-natural) is pretty easy, considering there are few U.S. federal regulations to stop them.

They market their skin care or makeup as all-natural, but don’t have to face any legal repercussions if they’re caught.

Many folks are fighting to demand stricter skin care regulations on Capitol Hill, but until then, you can be rest assured that all Savor Beauty products are organic and 100% natural.

If you haven’t switched your entire skin care regimen over to all Savor Beauty products, check out our list of terrible toxins, so you can investigate whether your “natural” drugstore find is as clean as it claims.

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