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We create natural skincare using certified organic ingredients, luxurious textures and aromas, and high-efficacy clean formulas tailored to your skin needs.


Founded, led and made by women

Inspired by her mother and heritage, founder Angela Jia Kim created Savor Beauty, natural skincare inspired by Korean self-care rituals.

"I wanted to incorporate the teachings that I grew up with. But as a busy mom living the gorgeous chaos of NYC, I wanted flawless skin in a New York minute."

Our Promise

Classical Roots

A former classical pianist, Angela Jia Kim's life changed minutes before a concert. She applied a "natural" lotion, and broke out in hives in front of 1000s of people. She later learned the lotion was loaded with questionable ingredients.

Accidental Entrepreneur

She researched, sourced organic ingredients, and created her own products. She began testing her creams on friends + family. They instantly fell in love!

Start of an Adventure

After giving birth to her daughter Sienna in 2009, Angela began selling her skincare in a holiday booth in NYC's Bryant Park and nurtured relationships with her first clients (all while breastfeeding!)


Angela opened her first boutique spa in NYC's West Village in 2011, and she hired estheticians who used the products in the facials. 100% self-funded, she built the brand with the philosophy that the customers were her investors.

Made by Women in New York

As the brand started to grow, Angela opened the Beauty Kitchen in the Hudson Valley, and started the "Dollars & Scents Program." This initiative, inspired by her mother, gave jobs to women transitioning back to work.

Loved by Estheticians

Angela opened her third boutique spa in NYC's Upper West Side. As more estheticians learned of locally-made natural skincare, Savor Beauty Pro was created to offer wholesale + support for women-owned spas nationwide.

Self-care every day

In 2017, Savor Beauty re-branded to offer the simplified numbered skincare system, inspired by Korean beauty rituals. We are proudly founded, led, and made by women, partnering with women-owned spas nationwide.

The Savor Experience

Our freshly made products are used in our 2 award-winning Savor Spas in New York and by our nationwide spa partners. With over 5000 5-star reviews, Savor Beauty is natural skincare that works.

Savor Spa

The Savor Spas offer holistic facials, massages, and treatments using our in-house collection. Our estheticians and therapists are trained extensively to meet the Savor Beauty Standard of unparalleled 5-star care for beautiful mul-gwang skin.

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Savor Beauty for Professionals

We're passionate about empowering entrepreneurs and partnering with wellness-driven estheticians, dermatologists, and industry professionals.

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