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Self-Love: Organize Your "Gorgeous Chaos"

Written by: Angela Kim



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The term “gorgeous chaos” resonated with me when, over a decade ago, a friend spent a day shadowing my whirlwind of activities.

From running to my West Village spa to managing staff meetings, handling a press interview, and caring for my newborn, the day was a flurry of constant buzzing and pinging from my phone. 

Over a glass of wine that evening, my friend looked at me and said, “Your life is gorgeous chaos. A lot of business chaos, but what emerges is that you focus on the gorgeousness of your life. I have no idea how you do it. I would drown in this.”

This chronic busy-ness of business is unsustainable, yet it taught me a vital lesson: to focus on the "gorgeous" in the chaos by organizing and compartmentalizing for peace of mind.

Inner Peace is Skincare for the Soul

The beauty of inner peace is that it radiates calm, contentment, and a glowing, nourished aura. Stress and turmoil not only leave visible marks on our body and face but also impact the quality of our relationships, both with ourselves and others. 

Finding inner peace is soulcare at its finest. This can be achieved through various methods such as meditation, self-reflection, therapy, journaling, yoga, and practicing gratitude. 

Organizing Your Gorgeous Chaos

I created the Savor Beauty Planner as a practical method of soulcare to bring inner peace to my creative chaos from juggling life and work responsibilities.

The planner includes "Organize Your Gorgeous Chaos" pages, a powerful visual tool to compartmentalize your tasks into boxed containers, similar to a well-structured closet. This organization creates a serene space in both your mind and your schedule.

savor beauty planner
Organize Your Gorgeous Chaos containers in the Savor Beauty Planner

If you look at your life like one big closet, you can imagine opening an unstructured wardrobe filled with crumpled bed linens, scattered hair accessories, and expired makeup. It's understandable that the chaos would drain your energy! 

Similarly, our life energy can feel chaotic if we don’t structure our days. We transform chaos into gorgeous productivity by organizing these "closet items"—AKA tasks and projectsinto containers. 

The "Organize Your Gorgeous Chaos" pages, are a powerful visual tool to compartmentalize your to-dos into boxed containers.

This reduces anxiety and provides a soothing structure, supporting our momentum. If you're ever feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or disorganized, it's the perfect way to remedy these feelings and send some much-needed self-love your way.

Savor Beauty Founder Angela Jia Kim and her fridge
Think of the Gorgeous Chaos containers like a well-organized fridge...
organized spice drawer
... or a well-organized and structured spice cabinet or drawer!

How to Use the Gorgeous Chaos Pages for Inner Peace

Tailor these pages to fit your lifestyle, ensuring each day is an opportunity to savor beauty and success.

1. A to-do list or brain dump for each day.

Circle the day at the top of each box. Think of the Week Plan as your priority page and the Gorgeous Chaos pages as the extras. 

2. A client bucket list.

If you have multiple clients, you can write their names at the top and do a brain dump related to each project.

3. A meeting "basket".

If you have upcoming meetings, you can brain dump what you want to talk about in advance. Whenever something pops into your mind, jot it down and keep it organized in one spot.

4. A project organizer.

Batch your thoughts together into one box for each project. For example, we've been doing a lot of training at our spa lately, and the Gorgeous Chaos page was an excellent place to dump thoughts, sticky notes, and scribbles!

5. Habit tracking.

Need to track a lifestyle change such as your water intake or exercise schedule? This is a fantastic page to see your progress at a glance!

Here's to your skincare + soulcare for self-love radiance. 🥂 


Angela Jia Kim

ceo angela jia kim with flowers

Angela Jia Kim

Founder of Savor Beauty, Mom to a teen daughter and mini golden, partner to a sweet soul, forever New Yorker, unfortunate carb lover, hopeless Aries 💞

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