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COME CLEAN Earth Day Birthday Swap + Shop

COME CLEAN Earth Day Birthday Swap + Shop

April 22nd is our Earth Day Birthday, and we want to celebrate our year with YOU (both in-store and online*)!

From April 20th-22nd, we’re throwing our own bash 🎉at all of our locations and our one wish is to see you there (because, let’s be honest—the party doesn’t start till you walk in 🙋).

This year at our COME CLEAN Swap + Shop Earth Day Birthday Weekend event, YOU BRING A TOXIC PRODUCT, WE SWAP A SAVOR BEAUTY EQUIVALENT.

All you have to do is:

  1. Bring 1-3 non-natural skincare products to a Savor Spa
  2. Swap them out for an Easter Egg from our Easter Basket.
  3. Open up the Egg to win anywhere from 12-22% off your Savor Beauty product equivalent! 


There will also be a GRAND PRIZE winner at each location who will win a FREE product of their choice!

Join the party and COME CLEAN 🌱with us!

* Have to pass on our birthday bash? We’ll miss you! Instead, toss your terrible-toxin-filled products in your trash at home and use the code EARTHDAYBIRTHDAY2019 with any online purchase to receive 12% off + a free Mini Lavender Toner.


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