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teen stress relief tips

Life, Simplified: 5 Stress-Relief Tips from the Coolest Teen I Know (Adults, Take Note!)

When the Savor Beauty team asked me to write a piece for April’s Stress Awareness Month, I decided to sit down with my teen daughter to ask her what she does to reduce stress in her life.

A little stress can help us become more focused and motivated, but when left unchecked, it weakens our physical and mental health. 

stress awareness month

I first asked my daughter what stresses her out the most, and she said, “School tests that matter much more now for college, so many orthodontist visits, juggling extracurriculars, and the daily chores that never seem to end!”

Here are five simple yet profound stress-relief strategies I see her do daily, proving that sometimes, wisdom doesn't always come with age.

Being in balance alleviates stress lines; you not only sleep better, but you also feel better, which is the best youth elixir!

1. The Magic of Oxytocin

“I love to cuddle with Zoe all the time.” 

Meet Zoe, our sweet mini golden retriever who loves to give and get love. My daughter wakes up early just to have a relaxed morning with breakfast and Zoe-cuddle time. 

Research shows that interacting with pets increases our levels of oxytocin—the “love hormone”, which reduces stress and increases feelings of happiness.

Whether you have a pet or not, here's a simple reminder the we all need a daily dose of companionship and hugs!

dog oxytocin

2. The Power of Music

Music has the power to transport us to different worlds, evoke emotions, and yes, alleviate stress. My daughter's playlists, featuring Taylor Swift and Gracie Abrams, are her go-to for unwinding.

The science behind this is compelling: listening to favorite tunes lowers cortisol levels—the body's stress hormone—making it a perfect, soul-soothing escape. And with a Spotify account, it’s easy to turn music on in the background, helping to lower stress levels while you go about your day.

3. The Sweetness of Homemade Treats

My daughter recently requested her favorite no-bake bars—made with just dates, peanuts, and chia seeds. 

I was pleased she asked for these homemade treats over her (often preferred) processed options, which can cause stress, breakouts, and energy crashes from high sugar and low nutrients.

Healthier sweet treats offer a tasty diversion and a delightful boost. See the photo for the recipe of this easy, delicious 3-ingredient beauty bite!

date bar 3-ingredient recipe

4. The Discipline of Movement

Exercise, in any form, boosts endorphins (AKA the "happiness booster"), offering a retreat from life's pressures.

For my daughter, fencing is her sport of choice—a discipline that demands focus and channels her high energy levels. I find my peace in mat Pilates, yoga, and brisk walking (10,000 steps is the daily goal.) 

What about you? Is there a movement practice you've been wanting to incorporate into your daily routine?

exercise to destress

Released during exercise, laughter, and chocolate indulgence, endrophins help minimize discomfort and elevate moods.

5. The Ritual of Nighttime Self-Care

I sometimes wonder whether it's my daughter's generation or simply the influence of growing up with a skincare founder for a mom, but I admire the dedication my daughter shows to her nightly self-care rituals. 

This is something that I had to learn over decades; by contrast, she's fiercely protective of this hour she gives herself every night. 

Her routine begins with a hot shower, infused with Savor Beauty's peppermint "chill" essential oil. This is then followed by a meticulous skincare regimen designed to pamper and protect stressed teenage skin. 

Shop Sienna's Teen Skincare Routine

She starts with the Korean beauty-inspired double cleanse featuring Kalahari Cleansing Oil and Jasmine Milk Cleanser, then refreshes with the Tea Tree Toning Mist

She layers on Hyaluronic Acid Serum for light hydration and the renewing Pumpkin Serum; she finishes with a dab of the luxurious Truffle Face Cream for oily skin.

This combination of aromatherapy and glow-boosting skincare products does more than address the physical aspects of teen acne. It acts as a powerful ritual for grounding and calm, turning skincare into a practice of mindfulness and relaxation.

Ready to bloom this spring with more beauty and self-care tips? 🌼 

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In the whirlwind of life, especially in a city that demands so much, it's enlightening to see how a teen manages stress with simplicity. These strategies, grounded in both personal experience and scientific research, remind us that sometimes, the best way to tackle stress is to approach it with simplicity—and a little teen sass!

"Stress is caused by being ‘here’ but wanting to be ‘there.’"

– Eckhart Tolle

Angela Jia Kim

Angela Jia Kim

Angela Jia Kim, founder of Savor Beauty and author of "Radical Radiance", lives in New York City with her teen daughter, mini golden retriever, and philanthropic partner. She embodies a radiance lifestyle through mindful skincare, Kundalini Yoga, mat Pilates, and chakra cleansing rituals. 💞

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