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Self-Love Through a Mask + Mind Detox

Written by: Angela Kim



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Starting a new week (or even just a new day) feeling overwhelmed or rushed is something many of us experience. 

If this sounds familiar, I have a special ritual to share: the Mask + Mind Detox. I begin each week with it to clear out life's clutter—inside and out. I call it a "detox" because it can remove blockers that dull our inner and outer radiance. 

"How you treat your skin is how you treat your soul—both need nourishment and love."

- Angela Jia Kim

This ritual is simple and soothing, bringing clarity to your skin and soul.


I mix equal parts Savor Beauty Manuka Honey Mask with the Cherry Collagen Peel into a bowl for a calming skin detox.

This blend combines the healing properties of Manuka honey with exfoliating enzymes from cherry, pineapple, and papaya, plus brightening extracts of bearberry, mulberry, and licorice for smooth, rejuvenated skin. 

Apply mask with clean fingers or mask brush in upward motions and leave on for 5-10 minutes to allow the natural humectants to draw in and detox the skin. 

Wash off with warm water and apply a hydrating beauty oil for skin radiance.

You can also create a DIY mask in your kitchen by mixing one part raw honey and one part milk (great for lactic acid!) to desired consistency.


I keep the Manuka Cherry mask on during my mind detox to work its magic. If at any point the mask feels uncomfortable, listen to your skin and remove with warm water.

My Mind Detox ritual involves the Savor Beauty Planner, my favorite pens, and coffee! 

Ever felt overwhelmed by all the things you think you need to do, then guilty for not doing them? That inner "do this, do that" chatter can drain our radiance.

Studies show that getting “to-dos” out of the head and onto paper is like a mental cleanse. It cuts down on stress, helps us get organized, and boosts our confidence by having a plan in place.

"Getting things done are little actions for which your future self will thank you—the ultimate act of self-love."

- Angela Jia Kim

Getting things done are little actions for which your future self will thank you—the ultimate act of self-love. The key is to shift your mindset from seeing tasks as draining to recognizing their benefits for your well-being.

Once your to-dos are on paper, you'll feel a sense of clarity and direction. It's like a spiritual detox for both mind and soul. 

Here's to your radiance! 💖


Angela Jia Kim

ceo angela jia kim with flowers

Angela Jia Kim

Founder of Savor Beauty, mom to a teen daughter and mini golden, partner to a sweet soul, forever New Yorker, unfortunate carb lover, hopeless Aries 💞

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