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How to Know If You’re Getting a Really Good Facial

How to Know If You’re Getting a Really Good Facial

People always say that massages are more relaxing than facials, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! A first-rate facial will leave you with that same feeling of aaahhh on the inside and glowing skin on the outside.

But if you’re going to splurge on self-care, you want to know that it’ll be worth it, right? At Savor Beauty + Spa, all of our estheticians have to pass our training program and my facial test before they join the team.

Here are the five things I always look for:

  1. A thorough consultation about your skin and lifestyle
  2. Extractions that don’t maul your face
  3. A detoxifying and lifting facial massage
  4. Communication throughout the treatment, especially during a peel
  5. A game plan you can follow at home to keep up your glow

Can’t make it to the spa? Treat yourself to a DIY facial with our luxurious Chocolate Truffle Face Cake Mask. Savor tip: Applying it with a Mask Brush will make it feel even more relaxing!

If you have more questions about facials, leave them in the comments below or on our YouTube video and you'll also automatically be entered to win a Chocolate Truffle Face Cake Mask AND Mask Brush in our weekly giveaway! Winner will be announced in next week's Savor Beauty newsletter.

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