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Natural Sunburn Remedies That Soothe Skin—Fast

Natural Sunburn Remedies That Soothe Skin—Fast

There’s nothing better than spending time relaxing in the sun on a beautiful summer day. But no matter how diligent you are about applying sunscreen, burns can happen, and they can continue to damage your skin long after you head inside.

The best thing you can do immediately after being in the sun is to cool it down. Here are some of our favorite natural remedies to soothe post-sun skin:

  1. Dip a soft washcloth into cold milk and apply as a cold compress to affected areas. The milk has enzymes, fats, proteins, and vitamins that can calm inflamed skin.
  2. Spritz the Lavender Toning Mist onto affected areas to cool and heal them. Studies show that lavender soothes skin, making it an ideal after-sunburn natural remedy.

  3. Avoid harsh facial cleansers on sunburnt skin. Opt for one with a coconut oil base like the Coconut Jasmine Pre-Cleanse Oil. High in saturated fats, this superfood ingredient also helps heal itchy, peeling skin.
  4. As a preventive measure, drink green tea, which has polyphenols that may offer sun protection. In a recent study, participants drank green tea daily, and after six weeks, they showed 16% less sunburn than a group that simply drank water and was exposed to the same UV light. After 12 weeks, that number increased to 25%.


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