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How to Glow Like an Emmy Winner

How to Glow Like an Emmy Winner

Monday night’s Emmy Awards already feel like a lifetime ago. I honestly couldn’t tell you who took home the award for Best Actress, but I will share my picks for the most mul-gwang stars. Unfamiliar with the term? In Korean, mul-gwang describes glowing, hydrated, and juicy skin.

Celebrities like Jessica Biel, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Emilia Clarke all brought their skincare A-game to the red carpet, but the Savor Beauty 2018 Emmy Award for the “Most Mul-gwang” goes to… Grown-ish star Yara Shahidi and her gorgeous mom, Keri.

Steal their glow at home with two of my favorite brightening products, the Pumpkin Seed Serum and Truffle Face Cream. The duo, which I actually call our Glow Fix, is specifically designed to restore your skin’s luminosity in an instant—no acting chops required!

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