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3 Ways to Use the NEW Pumpkin Enzyme Peel w/ Organic Ingredients

3 Ways to Use the NEW Pumpkin Enzyme Peel w/ Organic Ingredients

I know, I can’t stop talking about our new Pumpkin Enzyme Peel, but that’s only because it really is that good. My face absolutely glows every time I use it, which may be the reason I keep looking for new ways to incorporate it into my skincare routine. (Well that, and the insanely delicious pumpkin spice aroma.)

Here are three of my favorite ways to peel and glow:

  1. DIY Facial: The lactic acid and pumpkin enzymes found in this at-home peel work like little Pac-Men to eat up and dissolve the top layer of dead skin cells on your face to reveal glowing skin underneath. Simply take out a scoop of the peel and apply it on your cheeks. Then, with a masking brush or clean fingers, spread the peel around the face in upward motions. Rinse off 1 to 3 minutes later when skin starts to tingle. Use once a week.

  2. Spot Treatment: If you have a fresh layer of hyperpigmentation (a.k.a., brown spots), apply a dab of the pumpkin peel to that area only. It’ll help brighten the skin and fade the spot. You can also use it to treat a breakout because the lactic acid encourages the skin to turn over and heal faster.

  3. Multi-Mask: Sometimes different parts of your skin need different care. For instance,  you may want to address brown spots on your cheeks and clogged pores on your forehead. That’s where multi-masking comes in. Apply the peel to the places you want to brighten and use a detoxifying product like the Bamboo Face Cake Mask on the rest of your face. Just remember when you feel the tingle, the peel needs to come off.

Here’s to multi-tasking miracles!

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