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Jasmine Milk Cleanser

How a 13-Year-Old Cleared Up Her Acne with Savor Beauty Products

Initially, my skin was a big insecurity of mine. I never really washed my face properly nor did I have good eating habits. When I first tried a chocolate chip cookie, I decided it was my best friend!

From trial and error, I have learned that to clear up acne, it is best to wash your face twice a day, and have a set routine. I use the Kalahari Melon Cleansing Oil as I have oily skin, I layer my Jasmine Milk Cleanser on top of that, and then wash it off. Then, I tone my face with the Tea Tree Toner, and apply Truffle Face Cream in the Normal formula.

    Double Cleanse Kit   
Truffle Face Cream

In addition to this, I also use the Yuzu Lemonade Peel once a week. Having a consistent routine is very important, and sticking with it and not skipping days, even if it might seem annoying, will only hurt!

In addition to your skincare routine, what you eat has a big impact on your skin. I used to eat sugary snacks and candies daily, without knowing the true effects of it. Although completely cutting out sugar isn’t the most realistic, or pleasant, solution, significantly lowering your intake will have great benefits.

Foods that I’ve found that are tasty and help my skin include oranges, berries, broccoli, spinach, and more. Focusing on the healthy has a significant impact, even if it might seem tedious. Of course, having dessert or an occasional treat is not going to create 37 new pimples, and enjoying food is still important!

Even though my skin isn’t perfect, and nobody’s is, I feel more confident due to the improvement!

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