3 Ways to Use the Organic Coconut Pre-Cleanse Oil That Will Change Your Life

Whenever people ask me which Savor Beauty product they absolutely must try, I always recommend the Coconut Jasmine Pre-Cleanse Oil. It makes skin velvet soft, and the subtle scent is downright delicious. Plus, there are so many ways you can use it!

Here are three of my favorites:

1. As a makeup remover. I call it my “Coconut Melt” because it literally melts off makeup, dirt, and grime in an instant.

2. As a lash conditioner. When you’re done washing your face before bed, gently swipe a little extra oil on top of your eyelashes to nourish them while you sleep.

3. As a hair hydrator. If your hair is feeling brittle, warm up a few drops of the oil between your palms and run your hands through your ends to add moisture and shine.

Here’s to fresh coconuts, jasmine flowers, and creamy skin!


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