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3 Ways to Lighten Up Your Skincare for Spring

3 Ways to Lighten Up Your Skincare for Spring

With warmer weather slowly making an appearance in early March, it’s time to start thinking about spring cleaning your skincare routine. Now that we can finally say goodbye to dry, chapped winter skin, we can also swap out the heavy, emollient creams for lighter serums, lotions and even foundations.  

Instead of buying lighter skincare products once the sun comes out, consider these three tricks to lightening up the all-natural Savor Beauty products you already own.

1. Truffle Face Cream + Toning Mist - You’ve probably been piling on your Truffle Face Cream all winter long (we think the product is pretty awesome, too), but since spring is approaching, you might want to lighten the formula consistency, as skin needs less hydration in warmer months.

Just scoop a small amount of the face cream into your fingers, then spritz about 2-3 sprays of the Toning Mist onto the cream, mix them together in your hands, and apply to your face.


2. Mineral Foundation + Pumpkin Seed Serum - Most of us prefer to wear a lighter foundation once the sun starts making an appearance. Rather than purchasing a more lightweight foundation, consider applying a drop or two of the Pumpkin Seed Serum (formulated with extra-brightening effects) into your liquid mineral foundation.

Not only does it create a lighter consistency for your liquid mineral foundation, but it also helps to renew dull, uneven skin.



3. Raspberry Seed Serum + Toning Mist - If you feel like your serum might be a bit too heavy for warmer weather, just spray a few spritzes of the Toning Mist into your hands, add a few drops of the serum, rub together in your palms, and pat lightly onto your skin for just the right amount of hydration.


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