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Why is My Skin So Moody These Days? Your Easy Guide to Balanced Skin (+ Beauty Food Recipes!)

Did you know that, just like we humans do, your skin has mood swings? It mirrors what is going on emotionally, spiritually, and physically in your life.

Listening to what it’s telling you (Is it dehydrated or oily? Stressed or tired?) can help you create a customized plan for balanced skin and inside-out glow. ✨

woman applying skincare

Here’s Savor Beauty’s “skin mood” guide along with natural skincare recommendations and beauty food recipes for radiance:

With clean hands, lightly touch each section of your face with your fingertips, including your forehead, cheeks, nose, chin, and neck. Observe how it feels and answer the following questions: Does it feel smooth or tight? Dry or slick? Even or bumpy?

If your skin feels tight and dry:

It could be experiencing dehydration and will need richer, more nourishing products. Make sure you are double cleansing and layering on your toner, serum, and cream.

If your skin is extra parched, consider double-layering by repeating the process. Experiment at night, and see how your skin feels in the morning.

Savor Beauty Founder, Angela Jia Kim, likes to mist her face in the mornings with the Dewy Rose Age-Delay Toning Mist and then apply a thick layer of the Red Raspberry Serum like a mask. “My parched pores drink in the nutrients while I sip on my morning coffee.”

To hydrate and nourish, double cleanse and try our #beautyfood smoothie: Beet + Raspberry for Skin Rejuvenation.

savor beauty founder angela jia kim

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If your skin feels slick or bumpy with breakouts:

Your pores may be reacting to weather change or a stressful event by breaking out due to increased oil production. Many people with oily skin types think that they need to use drying products in order to not break out, but this can actually strip your skin of youthful essential oils. It can also lead to more breakouts because the pores will start to over-produce sebum as a way to compensate.

Feed oily skin with nutrients from lighter formulas that don’t clog the pores. Savor Beauty esthetician, Ivy Kilroy, says, “I love using the Kalahari Pre Cleanse Oil nightly to break up the extra sebum that builds up on my oily skin! And when my skin feels moody and acne-prone, I mix the Manuka Honey Mask and Yuzu Lemonade Peel together to create a beauty cocktail mask that dissolves my dead skin and helps to heal any breakouts.”

model applying savor beauty yuzu lemonade peel

Create a mini-spa experience for clearer skin with our #beautyfood smoothie + DIY mask: Cranberry + Chia for Clear Skin. Drink the smoothie and enjoy the facial benefits!

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If your skin is a combination of tight and slick:

Your skin could be going through a transition or the pores could be dehydrated and clogged, resulting in combination skin. This requires a tailored approach to address its varying needs and achieve a balanced complexion. Combination skin will need to be treated with a little more care by using the different techniques below on specific areas.

Double Cleansing with our organic face cleansers creates a baseline by cleaning out your pores and not stripping the oils that keep skin young and supple. Then, massage your face with Savor Beauty’s hydrating beauty oil, Pumpkin Seed Serum, which has zinc to reduce brown spots and boost collagen.

Savor Beauty’s Business Development Manager, Brynn, says, “When my skin gets extra moody and unbalanced, I like to hydrate my skin with Balancing Neroli Blossom Toning Mist and then mix together the Hyaluronic Acid Serum and Pumpkin Seed Serum for well-balanced hydration with active ingredients for a morning glow.”

Reset your mind and body with our #beautyfood smoothie + DIY mask: Pomegranate and Pear for Hydration + Anti-Aging.

model with savor beauty serum

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Regularly check in with your skin throughout the year. When it feels moody, it's a chance to check in with yourself, too! 

Want more skincare + self-care secrets? 💗


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