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What’s a Face-Gasm? with The Sensual Alchemist

What’s a Face-Gasm? with The Sensual Alchemist

Savor Beauty fan, Kayle Koepke–AKA @the.sensual.alchemist–experienced something she could only describe as a “face-gasm.” Using our deliciously decadent organic skincare products, she feeds her body + soul exactly what it is craving: pleasure.
This is what this Savor Beauty lover has to say…
“Stressful day at the office? Soothe your nervous system by feeding it something pleasurable.
Last night I did just that…
  One of my dear friends [founder Angela Jia Kim] has always attributed her flawlessly radiant skin to the ancient Korean beauty ritual of massaging (for literally 30+ min!) serums upon creams upon sprays into their dreamy porcelain skin. ⁠
Anyway, after a particularly stressful day at the office... somewhere between steps 3 and 5 of said friend's line [Savor Beauty] of deliciously organic beauty products (that I’m also unabashadly addicted to through thick and thin)... my pores began to dance.
That's right. In place of my normal irritation at the number of steps in my nighttime skincare routine I felt what I can only describe as a…Face-GASM.
 As I gave myself a few more go ‘rounds with the spray/serum/cream cocktail, I revered those Korean beauty rituals and the centuries of women who have held them dear on a whole new level.
(did I mention I'm also addicted to her line of body scrubs, serums, and creams?) ⁠
De-shame your body’s innate need for pleasure.
Soothe your nervous system. Feed it pleasure. 🔥⁠”

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