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A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Life-Altering Sacred Space

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Life-Altering Sacred Space

My sacred life-altering space: This is the inspiring painting that stands before me when I meditate to call in abundance, love, and joy. I always keep water and crystals nearby!

In the intro of Radical Radiance, I share a “pro-tip” on how to set up your beauty altar from Rebecca Casciano, founder of The Sacred Beauty Collective and one of my favorite makeup-artist gurus in the natural beauty space.


Rebecca + Me

Circa 2015: Rebecca was our Makeup Director at Savor Beauty + Spa! She used to do my makeup every Wednesday before date night in the West Village!

Your sacred spiritual space does not have to be grandiose. It can be a simple beauty altar or meditation corner; the important thing is that this special area should feel inspiring, uplifting, and healing.

Here is Rebecca’s step-by-step guide to creating your sacred space:

Gather the essentials:
“To set up a beauty altar, you need a mirror, tabletop area, and decent lighting,” says Rebecca. You can also add comfy cushions, blankets, and even a soft, fluffy rug (all my friends fall in love with it when they come over because it’s SO luxurious and reasonably priced!)

Add loved objects:
The fun part is choosing special “sacred objects, such as crystals, shells, and favorite photos of yourself, a family member, and/or your beauty muse” to add to your space. “I like to have candles and incense on the altar or nearby,” Rebecca adds.



Spiritual Scents

A candle, incense, or diffuser with aromatherapy essential oils keep you grounded, inspired, present, and remind you to breathe in and exhale.


Make it seasonal:
”It’s summertime now, and that’s a perfect time to refresh your altar with a new plant and/or crystal that reminds you of your inherent ability to shine. Think bold, warm-weather plants like succulents and crystals such as citrine, which not only look cheerful but are believed to inspire confidence. I also have the Savor Beauty Toning Mists as a longtime staple, which I use to refresh my skin and mood,” says Rebecca.


Elevate Your Rituals

My favorite affirmation that I say after massaging my skin with a serum is, “I feel renewed.” This grounds me before my morning manifesting meditation.


Set intentions:
Rebecca believes that we can elevate everything “from a mundane beauty routine to a gorgeous self-love ritual” by stating an intention or saying an affirmation. I like to keep my planner next to me because inspiring ideas and thoughts always flow; I always write them down because brilliance is always sparked from the energy of our sacred spaces.

Edited excerpt from RADICAL RADIANCE: by Angela Jia Kim.
Copyright © 2022 by the author and reprinted with permission of St. Martin's Publishing Group.


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