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No Tricks, All Treats: Our Best-Smelling Beauty Product EVER

No Tricks, All Treats: Our Best-Smelling Beauty Product EVER

Did you know that of all our five senses, smell is the one that’s most closely related to memory?

That’s why getting a whiff a certain cologne can instantly transport you back to a date with your high school sweetheart, or the aroma of freshly-baked cookies can make you think of spending the holidays with family and friends.

Scent also has a profound effect on our mood. It’s why I love using all things lavender when I want to destress and peppermint when I need something uplifting.

But come autumn, no matter how I’m feeling, I’m drawn to all things pumpkin, which may be why I have to restrain myself from using our Pumpkin Enzyme Peel more than the recommended once a week.

Simply opening the jar reminds me of crisp fall days eating delicious apple pie and chilly nights spent curled up by the fire with my husband, daughter and 14-year-old yellow lab in our country home. It brings me instant happiness.

The glowing skin it gives me certainly doesn’t hurt, either!

Here’s to making fragrant memories.

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