How to Take Off the Most Stubborn Makeup—Halloween Face Paint Included

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have a small (well, okay, big) obsession with the Coconut Pre-Cleanse Oil, AKA Step #0 in our skincare program. I lovingly call it the “Coconut Melt” because of the way it melts away the day, literally and figuratively, in one fell swoop.

Even the most un-budging waterproof eyeliners and mascaras don’t stand a chance, and with Halloween coming up, you’ll want to keep it on hand to erase any trace of face paint, too.  


Here’s how I turn the mundane task of washing my face into a self-care ritual to savor:

  1. I warm up the Coconut concoction between (clean) hands and feel the silky texture.
  2. I like to start at the cheekbone to take in the addictive Coconut-Jasmine aroma. With gentle circular motions, I work my way to cleanse every nook and cranny of my face. The warmth of my hands melts the Coconut onto the skin, making it velvety soft.
  3. Sometimes I leave it on for a minute or so to allow the anti-bacterial qualities of coconut and lavender essential oils to detox the skin.
  4. Finally, I layer on the Pearl Cleansing Cream, a milky cleanser with crushed grapeseeds, to gently exfoliate and sweep away the dirt that the Coconut pulled out of my pores.

Who knew that washing your face could be such a sensorial journey? Try it for 30 days straight. The outer result is clear, smooth skin texture. The inner result is going to bed with a “clean slate” every night.

Here’s to self-care, inside and out.

Angela Jia Kim 

Angela Jia Kim

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