Savor Beauty Referral Program

Give $25, get $25. The more you refer the more you receive!

How It Works

Step 1:

Refer a friend. 
Send your friend $25 off* their first purchase at with your unique referrer discount code.

Step 2:

Earn your reward.
Once your friend completes their purchase, we give you $25 off* your next purchase at Voila! Enjoy your gift.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Where do I find my referrer link?

You must be signed into your account. Your unique referral link will appear in the widget menu on the bottom left of

+ How do I sign up for a account?

You can register for an account when you click on the Profile icon on the top-left hand corner of the website, or sign up here.

+ I referred a friend, when will I receive my $25 credit?

Your friend must complete a purchase with your unique link in order for us to credit your account. If you're having problems accessing your credit, email

+ How will I know my friend used my referral link?

You will receive an email when your friend redeemed their $25, which will also include a discount code for $25 off your next purchase.

+ Where will my friend find their $25 credit?

When you send them your referral link, it will automatically apply. Otherwise, they will receive an email with a unique code for $25 off their first purchase.

+ I referred a friend, but lost my $25 credit email.

It happens! Please email with the name of the person you referred and we can check if your referrer code was already redeemed. If not, we will send a new one for you and cancel the other code for you.

*Additional Terms: $25 OFF coupons are valid on orders of $50+ only. Cannot be combined with other offers or promotions at checkout. Referral codes cannot be used in spa for service or product, can only be redeemed on