Daily Dose of Savor: Manuka Honey

model applying savor beauty manuka honey mask to her face

Why Your Skin Needs Manuka Honey

Hydrating. Detoxifying. Anti-inflammatory. Manuka honey is one of those superhero ingredients that seems to do it all.

Manuka honey is a natural source of methylglyoxal, a powerful anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial compound. When applied topically, it can calm inflammation, reduce redness, and kill acne-causing bacteria.

It's also a humectant, pulling moisture into the skin for a soft, hydrated glow.

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For Your Face

The bestselling Manuka Honey Mask exfoliates, hydrates, and draws out impurities for an instant post-facial glow. ✨

Other Glow-for-You Ingredients

  • Rice Bran: a gentle physical exfoliant for smooth, even-textured skin
  • Fruit Enzymes: papaya + pineapple enzymes gently digest dead skin cells to reveal bright, fresh skin

Tip: Mix a dollop of the Manuka Honey Mask with your favorite Savor Beauty cleanser to create a rich, luxurious cleansing balm. đź’›

For Your Body

Reveal irresistibly silky skin with our luxe, hydrating body polish.

The Manuka Honey Sugar Srub is scented of sweet honey and leaves your skin with a gorgeous natural perfume.

Other Glow-for-You Ingredients

  • Organic Sugar: gently buffs away dead skin
  • Organic Glycerin: deeply hydrates + binds moisture to the skin

Tip: After exfoliating with the Manuka Honey Sugar Scrub, layer the Decadent Body Duo onto damp skin to lock in hydration for a head-to-toe glow! ✨

For Your Lips

Get a soft, plump pout with the ultra-nourishing (and delicious!) Manuka Honey Lip Scrub.

Other Glow-for-You Ingredients

  • Organic Sugar: gently exfoliates dry, flaky lips
  • Organic Jojoba Oil: hydrates + softens lips

Tip: Before bed, exfoliate lips then apply a thick layer of Organic Lip Balm to wake up to a juicy, hydrated pout! đź’‹

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