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Self-care Saturday No. 4

Self-care Saturday No. 4

Hello, gorgeous! I have some more exciting news… a new product is coming early March! Naturally, launching a new creation and writing a book can be challenging.

This week, I’m unwinding with some self-love rituals that keep my vibrations high for luminous radiance inside and out! Here are 3 techniques to destress:

The Netflix + Chill Mask

The Savor community sent so many kudos for this transformative duo hydrating + brightening mask.

Mix together healing Manuka honey, moisture-locking hyaluronic acid and nourishing rosehip for a jelly-serum mask. Leave on for 20-30 minutes then rinse — perfect for low-maintenance glow.


“I Receive” Meditation

As you may know, I created the Savor Beauty Planner, which is my essential organizer for all things work, personal, and self-care.

During the holidays, I wrote + recorded this meditation in my planner to bring abundance and radiance into the new year.

Angela Jia Kim New York City 

Cure-all Bone Broth

NYC has been hit with 3 snow storms so far and we’re looking at more to come… snowball fights with my daughter are fun, but we always come home to a warm hearty collagen-rich broth to keep our immune system strong!

Health is wealth and stress can affect your entire body! Have a relaxing weekend.

Angela Jia Kim
Founder of Savor Beauty
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