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How to remedy over-sanitized hands

How to remedy over-sanitized hands

Hand care is essential.

The backs of your hands, unlike your palms, have no oil or sweat glands to keep it moisturized. Overtime, this delicate area is exposed to micro-tears, roughness, and sun spots without proper moisture.

Dry Hands Remedy Kit

Our best-selling bundle to keep over sanitized hands soft and supple.

Manuka honey skincare

Manuka Honey Sugar Scrub

A cocktail of healing Manuka honey, organic sugar and jojoba, this ultra-lux scrub is an amazing way to buff away dead skin cells while protecting with nourishing oils.

Chardonnay Body Cream

Chardonnay Cream

Seal in moisture with this lusciously whipped lightweight cream. Silk proteins and Shea butter prevent chapping. Blended with citrus blossom essential oils for happy aromatherapy.

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