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Relax and Repair with Rosehip Oil 😌

Relax and Repair with Rosehip Oil 😌

A stressed schedule = seriously stressed out skin. Give your skin some TLC on National Stress Awareness Day (April 16!) and every day, with the impressive powers of rosehip oil.

Kate Middleton swears by this anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-aging wonder oil for smoother skin and her radiant complexion is proof of its magic.

Did you know that rosehip oil doesn’t come from a rose flower? 🌹We know, the name is kind of confusing.

Rosehip seed oil actually derives from the wild rosehip fruit (see photo below!) found in Chile and other parts of the world, and it boasts a plethora of skincare benefits including reducing wrinkles, firming the skin and soothing any redness or irritation.

Thanks to its natural source of antioxidants (like tocopherols and carotenoids), rosehip oil helps protect against daily oxidative stress (think pollution) while keeping skin supple and moisturized, too.

Plus, there are preliminary studies that suggest rosehip oil will help reduce acne scars, and diminish brown spots.

We can’t get enough of rosehip oil, and that’s why we've added it into our Pumpkin Seed Serum ($64) and Truffle Face Cream ($74), for a natural and soothing, yet powerful addition to our plant-based skincare lineup.

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