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How to Add Purpose to Your Relaxation

How to Add Purpose to Your Relaxation

Happy Birthday to all of July’s Cancer and Leo beauties!

At Savor Beauty, we are dedicating the entire month to finding ways to RELAX both inside and out.

Maybe it’s because of my Korean heritage, and the “work first, play second” philosophy my parents instilled in me, but I find the traditional idea of relaxing oddly stressful. This is why I’ve learned how to relax with a purpose.

For example, this week my family and I are going to Vermont to live on a farm. But while we’re there spending quality time together among the animals, we’ll also be attending a cello camp for my daughter. A farm, music, and good food make me feel both fulfilled and relaxed.

It’s an approach I take toward self-care, too. I know that if I’m treating my skin to a mask or a facial, I’m doing it for a purpose.

Maximize your own self-care purpose by listening to your skin’s mood before choosing the product you want to use. If your skin feels tight and coarse, it could be experiencing dehydration so you will want to apply a more nourishing mask. If your skin feels irritated, a mask that soothes and smooths will do the trick. If your skin is breaking out, it may be craving a detoxifying treatment.

Here’s to our month of skin-to-soul relaxation,

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