Life Advice We’ve Never Forgotten: Mother’s Day Edition 💐

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We absolutely love our moms here at Savor Beauty, and have carried their wisdom with us wherever we go. In honor of Mother’s Day, we asked Savor Beauty team members for their mother’s one piece of advice that has stuck with them forever.  

  • “Always wash your face every single night, no exceptions.” - Angela’s mom (Founder and CEO)
  • “If you’re mad or frustrated when something isn’t quite going your way, always sleep on it before responding—sometimes our initial reaction can cause even more problems.” - Danielle’s mom (Public Relations) 
  • “Make your own meals each day so that you know exactly what you’re putting into your body.” - Narea’s mom (Finance)
  • “Always treat people the way you wish to be treated and always be polite.” - Madison’s mom (Self Care Ambassador) 
  • “Use the freshest and highest quality ingredients in your food.” - Sam’s mom (Operations)
  • “Pay attention to each step you take—straighten your back, stretch out your chest, and walk with your head up. Your walk can reveal so much about you, including your confidence.” - Chelsea’s mom (Assistant to CEO)
  • “There’s no better medicine than the plants and herbs provided by the Earth.” - Escarla’s mom (Spa Manager)

Whether you’re celebrating your mom tomorrow in-person, or dialing up her number to say, “I love you,” don’t forget to thank her for all the wonderful advice she’s passed down to you along the way.

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