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How To Get "Glass Skin," The Hot K-Beauty Trend (Take Our Quiz!)

How To Get "Glass Skin," The Hot K-Beauty Trend (Take Our Quiz!)

When our founder and CEO, Angela Jia Kim, was in high school, she remembers making fun of her mom because her skin always looked “wet.” Turns out, her mother’s glowing, dewy glass skin, also referred to as “Gwang,” a popular k-beauty trend, is the texture Angela now constantly strives for as an adult.

Gwang is a general Korean term for a dewy glow, and there are multiple types of gwang Korean women try to achieve using different beauty products or techniques.

Pictured: Yeonseo Oh. (Photo courtesy of Neogen)

Take our quiz below to find out which Gwang Girl you want to be and how to nail the look.

When it comes to your daily skincare routine, you’re:

a) A skincare simpleton—all you need is a mild cleanser and moisturizer.

b) Familiar with the latest trends in skincare, and have added a serum and toner into your routine to amp up your skincare.

c) You would never go a night without washing your face, toning, adding a serum (or three) and moisturizing before bed—skincare is important to you.

d) Completely addicted to skincare and spend everything in your piggy bank to achieve your ultimate glow.

e) Skincare is great, but a full makeup application is just as crucial to your everyday look.


When I look into the mirror and feel my skin with (clean) fingers, it feels:

a) Amazing just the way it is

b) Slightly oily and/or slick

c) Normal/combination and/or unbalanced

d) Dehydrated and/or flakey

e) Good, but would like to do more to highlight specific areas of my face


How much time do you usually have in the AM to prep your skin for the day?

a) 0-1 minute

b) 1-3 mins

c) 3-5 mins

d) 5-15 mins

e) Time doesn’t matter to me—I want to look fab and flawless!


If you got mostly A’s: You’re the Minimalist Gwang because you’re always on the go and in need of a fast glow.

If you got mostly B’s: You’re the Soft-Glow Gwang and are willing to put in a bit more effort into your routine.

If you got mostly C’s: You’re the Juicy Gwang, which is perfect for travel and for when you want the extra glow for special occasions.

If you got mostly D’s: You’re the Honey Gwang, which is perfect for mornings or self-care weekends when you have a little extra time to let the nourishment soak in.

If you got mostly E’s: You’re the Mesmerizing Gwang, ready to stand out with a stunning effect.


A) The Minimalist Gwang (aka Sok-Gwang)

Pictured: Angela Jia Kim, Savor Beauty Founder

The subtlest of the Gwang-glows, Sok-Gwang is a not-too-dewy look achieved by eating healthily and drinking plenty of H2O. Fun fact: Koreans always end their meals with hydrating fruits for that lit-from-within glow. Easiest of the gwangs to achieve in little to no time. 

Great for all skin types. 

→ Eat healthy, drink lots of water (generally 6-8 cups a day) and use a Toning Mist.

B) The Soft-Glow Gwang (aka Chok-Gwang)

Pictured: Sam Hassel from Savor Beauty

Slightly moist and softly shining, Chok-Gwang is a more moisturized look than Sok-Gwang, but not as dewy and glossy as Mul-Gwang

Great for oily skin types or when you want a lighter moisturizer. 

→ Put 3-5 drops of a Savor Beauty serum into palm, spritz with a Toning Mist. Warm up in the palms of hand and pat and press onto skin (or roll) for a natural glow. 

C) The Juicy Gwang (aka Mul-Gwang) 


Pictured: Madison Bejarano from Savor Beauty 

Mul-Gwang is the “water-light” look, which is the dewy, juicy skin that Korean women love.

Great for normal/combination skin types or when you want the “je ne sais quoi” factor. 

→ How to achieve: Add a drop of Savor Beauty serum into your mineral foundation for a juicy polished look.


D) The Honey Gwang (aka Kkul-Gwang)

Pictured: Yeonseo Oh. (Photo courtesy of Neogen)

A glossed over, extra-shiny look, Kkul-Gwang is how sunlit honey would look. Your skin should look bright, shiny, and almost like there’s a warm Manuka honey mask on your face.

Great for dry or mature skin... or if you want a collagen boost. 

→ Put serum on first, layer Manuka Honey Mask for 10 minutes to make the skin smooth and glowing. After you wash off, put a luxurious amount of Carrot Rose Serum onto skin, followed by a generous amount of Truffle Face Cream (almost like a mask.) Allow it to soak into your skin for a half hour before going out. 


E) The Mesmerising Gwang (aka Yun-Gwang)

Pictured: @araaylin.winkler (Photo courtesy of @alla_lemax)

Referred to as 3D-gwang, Yun-Gwang is the skincare version of strobing. Yun-Gwang highlights high-points of the face, including the bridge of your nose, cheekbones, and your cupid’s bow.

Great for all skin types who want to turn heads.

→ Lightly dab a Savor Beauty serum onto the high points of your face to highlight all your facial angles.



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