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A FREE Way To Prevent Wrinkles

A FREE Way To Prevent Wrinkles

Facial Massage

A facial massage is a huge part of the Korean beauty ritual and our Savor Spa signature Champagne Facial. Making this a part of your nighttime routine can help stimulate circulation, bringing nourishing blood to the skin, tightening facial muscles, and releasing tension that can lead to wrinkles.

The Self-Care Facial Massage:

  1. Breathe in for 5 seconds, hold for 3, breathe out for a count of 10. Allow the sound of your breath to anchor you and repeat until you feel calm and centered.

  1. Warm up a few drops of either the Carrot Rose, Pumpkin or Raspberry Serum between your palms. Apply to then entire face and neck.

  1. Take clean fingertips and start from the jawline and massage from chin area moving hands up toward the ears. This is where we tend to hold frustration. Go from chin out 6 times and be sure to stop and work deeply in areas where you feel tension.

  1. Relax the tongue (which has 16 muscles!). Open the mouth and let the tongue relax, feeling like a flat pancake.

  1. Next, move your fingertips up the face under the cheekbones and massage deeply starting from nose out to the temples. This is where we hold and can let go of stress.

  1. Go to the eye area, which is where we hold much of our anxiety. Use ring fingers to apply pressure right under eye area. Again, you want to go from the nose toward temples. Instead of pulling the skin, apply pressure, then lift and move to the next area. Continue until you reach the temples.

  1. Move on to the forehead. Continue to apply deep pressure starting from the middle of the forehead to temples. This is where we hold and can let go of concern or anger.

  1. End at the temples by massaging them in circular motions.

Rest in calm and peace, Sleeping Beauty!


AJK Signature

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