How to Take Care of Your Skin in Your 60s and Beyond

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By your 60s, cell turnover has slowed dramatically, and skin is thinner, causing it to show fine lines, wrinkles and sagging. (Fun, right?) But even if your skincare habits haven’t been optimal in the past, you can still get a radiant, dewy complexion now. 

Focus on locking in moisture with nourishing, natural ingredients and stimulating the skin to produce collagen.

Savor Beauty Tip: This is the time for supreme treatment of the skin, and there is no better way than to layer up! Follow this rhythm after cleansing:

  1. Tone to soften skin
  2. Apply Pumpkin Serum to reduce brown spots
  3. Tone a second time to lock in moisture
  4. Hydrate with the Truffle Face Cream
  5. Apply Raspberry Serum for supreme nourishment
  6. Tap on Caviar Eye Cream to reduce wrinkles

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