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Are You Washing Your Face the Right Way?

Are You Washing Your Face the Right Way?

Washing your face sounds like such a basic concept: water + cleanser = clean skin, right? 

Wrong. People are always surprised when I tell them there is more to it than that. We’re forever telling guests at Savor Spa that any good skincare routine starts with a thorough double cleanse.

When you skip this nighttime ritual, free radicals break down your collagen and elastin overnight, leading to acne breakouts and aging skin.

Start by warming up several drops of the Coconut Pre-Cleanse Oil between your fingers (make sure your hands are clean!) and apply it to your face in circular motions to melt off makeup and pull out the dirt and grime that's sitting deep in your pores. 

Before rinsing off, layer the exfoliating Pearl Cleansing Cream on top, also in circular motions. The rosewater and crushed grapeseeds will sweep off the impurities without irritating the pores.

I challenge you to do this for 90 nights in a row to see how this simple act of supreme self-care will change your lifeand your skin. 


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