How to Take Care of Your Skin in Your 50s

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In your 50s, your skin’s ability to stimulate cellular turnover has slowed down significantly, hormone levels begin to fluctuate due to menopause, and the fun in the sun you had in your 20s has shown up on your face in the form of dryness, brown spots, and thinner skin.

A natural retinol like the Carrot Rose Serum is an excellent way to encourage cellular turnover with its vitamin A and beta-carotene.

You’ll also want to address crow’s feet by giving your eyes some extra love.

Savor Beauty Tip: Play the piano around your eyes! Don’t drag the delicate area around your eyes. Put one drop of Pumpkin Serum onto the pads of your fourth finger. Press fourth finger pads under the eyes three times. Dot the Caviar Eye Cream around the eye, and play piano lightly until the serum and cream have melted into the skin, delivering collagen and Omega-3 fatty acids deep into the epidermis.

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