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How Skin Visioning Can Help You Gain Ultimate Clarity

How Skin Visioning Can Help You Gain Ultimate Clarity

Last week we introduced skin visioning, a method to keep track of your skin’s highs and lows. (You can use our Savor Life Planner to make tracking easy and fun.) 

Similar to journaling about your day, skin visioning works to recognize patterns in both your daily skincare routine and overall health, and how each might be affecting your complexion.

Here are the 5 benefits of Skin Visioning:
(Hint: they’re what you should be tracking.)

  • 1. Finding The *Right* Skincare Products
  • Finding the right skincare products can sometimes be a mystery!!! Plus, constantly changing up your skincare routine with various products can do a number on your skin.

    If you do add or subtract a product from your routine, take note of how your skin reacts. Also, try to only change one product at a time. (If you do more than one, it's hard to pinpoint what caused the change!)

  • 2. Identifying Stressors + Reducing Them
  • There’s no denying that stress can wreak havoc on your body, including your complexion. A stressful week should always be noted in your skin visioning journal, especially if your skin is breaking out, dehydrated, or flaring up. 

  • 3. Find A Diet That Works For You
  • Although it’s in its early stages, there are multiple studies linking specific foods to skin conditions. (Think dairy 🥛, gluten 🍞, and greasy foods 🍟.)

    Look for patterns and try one dietary change at a time so you can pinpoint what the true cause is.

  • 4. Track Water + Stay Hydrated 
  • You'd be shocked how committing to simply tracking and increasing your water intake can do wonders for your skin, reduce body aches and increase mental clarity. 

    P.S. Dry, flaky lips = sign of skin dehydration. Drink your H2O and track every glass!

  • 5. Track Your Zzzzzzz's
  • Beauty sleep is not a made-up myth. Your skin needs 6-8 hours per night to recover from the day’s stressors. Be sure to track your sleep and try to be as consistent as possible for best results. 

    When you sleep, your skin produces collagen, which prevents sagging. Your blood circulation also increases while you rest. More sleep = waking to a healthy glow!

    In our next blog post, we'll go more in depth on how to Skin Vision like a pro and make sure you're doing it right. Here's to making our #skingoals happen. 

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