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Crush your #SkinGoals With Skin Visioning

Crush your #SkinGoals With Skin Visioning

Setting monthly, yearly and lifetime goals have become second-nature to many of us, and crushing them is just another part of everyday life. We make goals for our jobs, our families, our relationships and our health, so why aren’t we making goals for our skin, too?

In ancient Korean times, the outer body and spirit were considered to be one. The belief was that your inner well-being was reflected in your outer being, and is one of the reasons why Koreans are so obsessed with their skincare routines.

While western wisdom often turns to make-up to cover up blemishes, the Korean philosophy is to deal with root causes versus spot solutions. Listen to your skin since it mirrors what’s going on emotionally, spiritually, and physically. In other words, create a self-care game plan versus a fleeting fast fix. The condition of your skin reveals how you take care of yourself daily, over time.

Enter: skin visioning. What is it? It’s a goal-setting method that encourages you to track, manifest, and be mindful about the products you’re putting onto your skin and the foods you’re putting into your body.

By jotting down every skincare and makeup product you apply to your skin, you can discover which ones might be causing those annoying breakouts or skin irritations, and whether others are actually improving your concerns.

This practice might seem tedious, but that’s why we’ve created our Savor Life Planner, a self-care meets soul-care planner. Jotting down your #skingoals in the “My Plan” section of your Savor Life Planner makes it that much more simple.

Be sure to write down what you’ve eaten, your exercise, and your overall feelings of well-being in your planner, too. Ancient Chinese medicine associates the internal with the external, and thanks to Face Mapping, you can see which part of your body is suffering based on the inflamed area of your face.

So, open up that planner, write down your daily products, look for patterns and change accordingly—your skin (and your soul) will thank you. ✨

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