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Help! My Skin Is So Dry It Hurts

Help! My Skin Is So Dry It Hurts

Welcome to Winter, Gorgeous!

With cold temperatures and turning on the heat indoors, our skin gets zapped of virtually all moisture, making it feel dry, tight and flaky.

One of our Savor Spa guests recently wrote us and said her skin felt so dry that it actually hurt. She wanted to know what she could do to restore her skin to its usual supple state, and she’s not alone; it’s one of the top skin woes we hear during this time of year.

Sharon Quote  

  1. Make sure to use a cream cleanser, not a foaming one, which can strip your skin of the moisturizing oils it needs. This will ensure your skin is kept hydrated while being cleansed. Our Pearl Cleansing Cream works great on even super sensitive skin.
  1. After toning, apply our Raspberry Seed Serum. This ultra-nourishing serum works wonders to help heal and soothe sensitive skin.
  1. Top it off with our Truffle Face Cream, in our dry/mature option. Packed with Meadowfoam and Cocoa Butter, the rich cream locks in nourishment from the serum and provides an extra seal of hydration. 

Here’s to supple skin all year round!

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