Do You Need a Skin and Soul Reset?

If your skin and soul have been experiencing a summer slump lately, you may be in need of a reset, and August is the perfect time to do it.

On the outside, I’ve always found that by this point in the summer I’ve acquired a fresh layer of sunspots that I need to address. My skin reset involves using the Carrot Rose Serum to remove the damaged skin and unclog the pores from the layers of sweat and sebum buildup.

Carrot seeds are packed with Vitamin A, which make them a natural retinol capable of erasing hyperpigmentation, diminishing wrinkles, and smoothing skin texture.

daily action planner

Every 90 days, I also like to do a soul reset. You can find the full how-to in our Daily Action Planner, or simply ask yourself these three questions to remove excess “noise” from your life and start with a clean slate:

  1. What’s flowing?
  2. What’s not flowing?
  3. What’s the “gorgeous” in the chaos to focus on?

Here's to an easy, breezy, and soulful August! 

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