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savor beauty founder angela jia kim meditating

The "I Surrender" Meditation

I offer you this transformational self-love meditation (from Radical Radiance: 12 Weeks of Self-Love Rituals to Manifest Abundance, Beauty, and Joy) to restore your spirit in times of difficulty. It transforms worry and fear so you can receive the power of miracles and love.


angela jia kim meditating

I surrender control. 

What I want or don’t want is simply an external force 
trying to cover the hole I feel inside.

I surrender resistance.

The universe is filled with love that is flowing to me.
I accept this gift of love.

I surrender fear.

The fear of external conditions are a distraction 
from this space of pure love.

I surrender worry.

Love is so much greater, no matter how insurmountable it all seems.

This feeling of love guides me every step of the way.

I surrender to a higher power, 
releasing expectations and the desire to control specific outcomes,

I allow love to flow through me.

With each breath,

surrendering dissolves all fear

and I allow the expansion of love in me.


Angela Jia Kim

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Surrender to a Soul Collaboration 

Edited excerpt from RADICAL RADIANCE by Angela Jia Kim.

One of the top reasons that our radiant vibration becomes dull and dim is that we’re always trying to control outcomes so that we don’t have to face worst-case scenarios. In fact, we are hardwired to ask ourselves, “What if x, y, z happens or goes wrong?” 

Coming up with solutions to these imagined scenarios can be helpful and even save us from undesired outcomes, but we often spend too much time in our heads and not enough time in our bodies. We then become disconnected from our spirit and cut off from our energetic flow. 

When the coronavirus pandemic forced me to shut down my Savor Beauty + Spas and sent us all into quarantine, I did what came most naturally to me: I resisted “doing nothing” and came up with plans for all of the “what ifs.” 

As two weeks turned into two months and more, I had no choice but to relinquish control and surrender to a power greater than myself. 

I was not the only one who had a business negatively affected by the pandemic, of course, as a devastating number of small businesses around the globe were forced to shutter in the six-month period after the initial outbreak. 

One of my dear friends, a powerhouse CEO who had built a two-decades-old flourishing gourmet food business, said on a video call, “My bank account has drained from seven figures to three digits in a matter of months. For the first time in my life, I don’t know what to do. What if I lose everything and have to close?” 

We sat in silence. Then I said to her quietly, “What if you simply surrendered?”

She looked at me with a surprised expression. We always gave each other sound and strategic business advice, and this was completely the opposite of aiming toward a specific outcome. I thought she would resist this notion, so her response surprised me even more: “I want to surrender. Can you show me how?”

“Let’s be okay with the worst-case scenario, as scary as it is,” I said. “Even if you lost your business, you would still have your health, beautiful family, and all the love in the world from your friends. Let’s surrender everything and also leave room for a miracle that may unfold.”

We did the “I Surrender” meditation together, and she surrendered to whatever might happen next. When we got off the phone, I felt she was truly okay with any outcome.

The following morning, she texted me. An investor had come through, and she would be okay for the next six months. Coincidence? Maybe, but these are the kinds of miracles, or “soul collaborations,” that happen when we surrender to something greater than us.

Perhaps the greatest miracle of all is becoming unattached to the “what ifs” and knowing that you are okay no matter what.

Copyright © 2022 by the author and reprinted with permission of St. Martin's Publishing Group.

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Angela Jia Kim

Founder of Savor Beauty, Mom to a teen daughter and mini golden, partner to a philanthropic soul, forever New Yorker, unfortunate carb lover, hopeless Aries 💞

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