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savor beauty founder angela jia kim and family

From Mom to CEO: The ONE Life-Changing Success Planner I Can’t Live Without

savor beauty founder angela jia kim at home

Even though I’m a businesswoman, I’m actually a hippie creative soul, and I enjoy getting lost in passion projects. 

I’m also the most forgetful person you will ever meet (ask my daughter and partner!), and to be perfectly honest with you, I would be pulled in all directions without my Savor Beauty Planner.

When I created this planner, I designed it for the creative (and forgetful!) soul who needs enough structure to get organized, yet enough space to personalize and customize for each unique lifestyle.

Once you get a hang of the 5-step system in the planner and customize the planner for your needs, the easiest—and hardest—part of having a planner is to do one simple thing:

Write it down.

Why does writing it down help? After all, it takes so much effort to write something down when you can easily store it in your brain, right?

Here's what happens when someone says, "Can you do xyz?" And you say, "Yes!" without writing it down.

Your brain stores it in your sensory memory for a few seconds at most. Sometimes the information moves to short-term memory, which is like your brain's temporary scratchpad where things can be briefly storedor not. 

Studies show you have better memory recall when you write it down. It doesn’t just help you remember; it makes your mind more efficient by allowing you to focus on the things that matter.

The Planner Solution

So here’s my little trick: On the “Gorgeous Chaos” pages in the planner, you will see little boxes with a space to batch together like-projects. I use these pages for everything, from meetings to meal planning.

Whenever I remember something I need to bring up during a planned meeting, for example, I flip to that page and write it down. This way, it gets done.

The next time you remember to do something, pause and write it down within seconds. (And, of course, this system only works if you use the planner and check it play-by-play!)

So even with a creative mind that works 100 miles per minute, a propensity for disorganized nonlinear living, and a love for spontaneous inspiration, (most) people think I have my act together.

Ha! Thank you, dear Savor Beauty Planner, for holding it together for me.

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Angela Jia Kim

ceo angela jia kim with flowers

Angela Jia Kim

Founder of Savor Beauty, Mom to a teen daughter and mini golden, partner to a sweet soul, forever New Yorker, unfortunate carb lover, hopeless Aries 💞

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