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What does your shelfie say about you?

What does your shelfie say about you?

My husband and I purchased a sweet farmhouse in late January, and I’ve been savoring nearly every weekend in the country. Escaping the city’s “gorgeous chaos” life has been a serious soul-saver, but it’s also been a skin-saver, too.

Living in a crowded city can wreak havoc on anyone’s skin with pollutants and stress-induced aging elements, and I’ve noticed how little help my skin actually needs when I’m in a more relaxed mood.

As you can see below, my city #shelfie (left) looks pretty stocked compared to my country #shelfie (right). My skin is less demanding when I’m away from work, nourishing my body with farm-to-table meals and yoga. I love nourishing my skin with more oils (the key to youthful skin) in the morning and night before going to bed.

                           CITY SHELFIE                                            COUNTRY SHELFIE

Show us your #shelfie (with favorite Savor Beauty products included) by posting a photo on Instagram with the hashtag #SavorBeauty, and you could win a Savor Organic Travel Skincare Kit (worth $78) to bring along wherever your next adventure may take you.

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