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7 Skincare Tips Every Woman Should Know

7 Skincare Tips Every Woman Should Know

The estheticians at Savor Spa are some of the most experienced professionals in the business. They’ve literally performed thousands of facials, so it’s safe to say they know skin. I asked each of them for their #1 skincare tip and was surprised by just how different their answers were. Take a look and get ready to glow.

Exfoliate, then mask. Doing both on the same day rather than staggering them throughout the week will help you squeeze the maximum benefits out of your skincare products. Exfoliating removes impurities and dead skin cells, which makes it easier for a hydrating, nourishing mask to then penetrate the skin and work its magic. Use the Pumpkin Enzyme Peel followed by the Lavender Milk & Honey Face Cake Mask.Yoon

Cleanse skin twice a day. Your skin is always going through a process of restore, repair, and elimination. So routine cleansing in the morning and before bed helps to keep the skin clear of the yucky stuff that can cause breakouts and other issues.Amber

Apply skincare with clean hands. You don’t want to transfer dirt and bacteria from your fingers to your face, so always wash your hands first. And never dip your fingers into product; use a spatula or cotton swab instead.—Donna

Use sun protection year-round. Ninety percent of skin aging comes from UV rays. Always apply sunscreen and wear sunglasses and a hat (and long-sleeves if you can), especially from 12pm to 3pm, when the sun is strongest.—YuJeong

Break a sweat. It’s important to detoxify the skin and body. Whether you work out or hit up an infrared sauna, try to sweat a little every day, and you’ll see the results in your skin.—Erin

Depuff daily. Every time I feel puffiness in my face, I wet five or six cotton pads with the Toning Mist and put them in the refrigerator until they’re cold. Then I apply them to my face for a few minutes as a toning mask. It’s very refreshing.—YuJeong

See a pro. Once a month, come in for a facial. Let an esthetician take professional care of your skin.—Yulia

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