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Rejuvenate Your Skin With Chocolate

Rejuvenate Your Skin With Chocolate

As a New Yorker who is always on the go, I sometimes have to find quick ways to rejuvenate the skin and soul.

The shower is the perfect place to turn into a spa sanctuary with aromatherapy and a double cleansing ritual.

It’s also my secret face-masking heaven.

After the harsh winter winds, the skin is often dry, dull, and a little rough. Our Savor Spa guests note an increase of rosacea and breakouts during this time.

As warmer days spring up, the skin craves nourishing masks to remove dead skin cells for revitalization.

Enter our new Chocolate Truffle Face Cake Mask, filled with flavonoids that boost collagen and elastin to plump skin. It’s a velvety, silky, luscious mask that has an intoxicating dark-chocolate aroma.

The mineral-rich Moroccan Lava clay deeply cleanses the pores while buttermilk provides exfoliation for creamy, smooth skin.

Here's a ritual-recipe for your Spring Skin rejuvenation program.

Recipe: How to boost skin collagen with the Chocolate Truffle Face Cake Mask

Time: 5 minutes

What You Need: Chocolate Truffle Face Cake Mask (Get the masking kit here), teacup, mixing spoon, organic milk

Optional Upgrades: Pumpkin Serum, Lavender Toner, mask brush, spa headband


  1. Mix together 2 tsp of Chocolate mask mix and organic milk
  2. Apply 3 drops of Pumpkin Serum onto face, pat and press onto skin
  3. Layer Chocolate mask on top, applying in upward motions using a mask brush
  4. Hit the shower, allow steam to melt mask into pores
  5. After 3-5 minutes, wash off in shower
  6. For extra beauty credit, apply Manuka Honey lip sugar scrub for soft lips
  7. Wash off, exit shower, apply serums and face cream to lock in nourishing moisture

Exit stress, enter glow.


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