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My Mom’s Best Beauty Advice: How to Layer Skincare

My Mom’s Best Beauty Advice: How to Layer Skincare

Today, I share a beautiful lesson in self-care that my mom taught me. Korean beauty rituals are all about supreme self-care and layering love onto the skin.

You only have one face, so treat it like it's the most expensive silk,” my mom would say to me.

Me with my daughter, Sienna.

I grew up witnessing my mom and aunt’s beauty rituals: cleansing, toning, layering and massaging with repeated upward movements.

It was mesmerizing to watch. Years later, when I started making my own creams in my Manhattan kitchen, it was a hobby, but I also wanted to create something luxurious, natural and anti-aging—beauty concoctions that would impress even my mom and her sisters.

And that’s how Savor Beauty came to life. I didn’t have as much time to massage and layer, so I designed a one-minute version, a nod to the Korean beauty lessons of supreme self care with a New Yorker’s precious and fleeting minute.

How to Layer Your Skincare

1. Start with our Coconut Pre-Cleanse Oil. Take 8-10 drops of this cleansing oil and massage over dry skin in upward motions for 1 minute. This helps dissolve makeup, sunscreen, and debris from your skin.

2. Take 1 pump of the Pearl Cleansing Cream on top of the Pre-Cleanse Oil. Again, massage in upward circular motions to remove excess dirt and oils on top of the skin. Milled grape seeds gently exfoliates dead skin cells off your face.

3. Rinse off the cleansers. On slightly damp skin, mist the Toning Mist on top.

4. While the skin is slightly wet with the Toner, warm 2-3 drops of your favorite Savor Beauty serum in your palm. Gently pat and press onto the face and massage down the neck. Use any residual serum on the backs of your hands.

5. Before the serums sinks into the skin, apply a thin layer of Truffle Face Cream right on top. Gently work into skin in gentle upward motions to avoid tugging and dragging skin.

6. Finish with a rice grain-size of Caviar Eye Cream on your eye area. Tap the eye cream along the under eye and brow bone until the cream sinks into skin.

How to Layer Your Body Care

1. Once a week in the shower or bath, take a spoonful of the Manuka Honey Sugar Scrub and massage in circular motions. This gentle sugar exfoliation hepls remove dead skin cells for vibrant energized skin. Rinse off.

2. With slightly damp skin, apply 2 pumps of the Silk Body Serum. Nectary Neroli aids in reducing the look of stretch marks and scarring. With firm pressure, massage from the toes + fingers to the heart center to help support the natural lymphatic system.

3. Finish with a layer of the freshly whipped Chardonnay Body Cream. This lightweight fluffy moisturizer locks in the nutrients from the body serum for moisturized silky skin.

Voila! The 20-step routine my mama taught me in 9 steps for head-to-toe glow.

Angela, Founder of Savor Beauty

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