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Your Skincare Questions Solved

Your Skincare Questions Solved

 Our expert estheticians receive a lot of skin concerns at our Savor Spas.

Here are 4 of your most common questions answered.

1. How do I know which beauty oil is right for me?

Our Pumpkin Serum supports all skin types. Carrot Rose is a natural retinol for cell turnover, and Raspberry Serum soothes + hydrates dry, sensitive skin.

2. Do I need to use a Toner? 

Yes! Toners act as a first step in treating, balancing the skin’s pH, and prepping it for the active ingredients to penetrate more deeply.

3. Which products are best for anti-aging regimen?

The Savor Ritual Kit is designed to deliver visibly radiant skin inside out, and this acclaimed + easy skincare system can be customized for your skin type.

4. How do I get rid of fine lines and dark puffy circles?

Nourish + protect the eye area daily with antioxidants to brighten and preserve elasticity, and CoQ10 + caffeine extract to depuff.

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