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3 Toning Myths, Debunked

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One of the most common questions we get at Savor Beauty + Spa is, “Do I really need a toning mist?” The answer? YES!

A hydrating toner like the Savor Beauty Rose Toning Mist will prep and soften the skin, so it can drink in the nutrients and minerals from the serums and creams far more easily. 

Not all toners are created equal though. Here are three myths not to fall for:

Myth #1: You need an astringent toner to prevent breakouts.

Truth: An astringent toner, usually made of alcohol or witch hazel, strips your skin of necessary oils to repair itself. The body reacts by secreting more oil, which can lead to unwanted breakouts.

In Korea, women rarely use astringent toners, because they dry out the pores, creating the opposite of a juicy, hydrated, and healthy glow.

Myth #2: You have to use a cotton pad to tone.

Truth: A lot of people believe that an extra cotton pad or tissue wipes off residual makeup, but if you have double cleansed properly, you don’t need this extra step.

If you use a toning mist two times a day, 365 days a year, you not only have mastered the art of toning, you are also saving 730 cotton pads. How’s that for an earth-friendly mission?

Myth #3: Men don’t need a toner.

Truth: Toners refresh the skin without irritating pores, which makes them a wonderful after-shave tonic for men.

Simply mist and pat onto skin once a day after cleansing, shaving, or exfoliating to lightly hydrate and prevent redness.


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