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What to Expect After Extractions

What to Expect After Extractions

Have you ever gotten a facial with extractions expecting to float out with perfectly clear skin... only to experience some inflammation or irritations? We asked our Savor Spa estheticians to weigh in on what to expect after extractions. 
A good facial clears toxins in the pores and some of those toxins may "purge" as whiteheads or pimples. Don't freak, this is normal! Does this mean that the facial wasn't as "thorough?" Not at all.
In fact, in Korea, it's not uncommon to get monthly facials to get on a skincare program as part of your beauty routine. The more consistent the extractions, the clearer your skin becomes over time. 
At Savor Beauty, our estheticians use detoxifying products such as fresh clay masks and peels, and high-frequency treatments (see below), which can accelerate the purge-and-heal process. 
Savor Spa High Frequency Treatment
Here are some things to expect after your treatment:
  • Mild rosiness is common! Give it an hour or two and it'll calm down.

  • Resist the Temptation: do not continue extractions at home post-facial! Your skin is tender post-facial, so any excess pinching will lead to bruising and scarring! Sorry, we like to do the extracting. 😉 

  • Go easy: for the following three days, use a gentle cleanser and hydrate as much as possible.

  • If you have deep congestion or blackheads, a good esthetician would not want to compromise the skin or scar it and therefore it may continue to purge after treatment. This is a normal skin detoxification process.

  • Master Tip: You can ice the extracted areas to soothe it faster, but be conservative.

Of course, if you have any questions post-facial, reach out to our estheticians at

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