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What Face Mapping Can Teach You About Your Acne + Body 👌

What Face Mapping Can Teach You About Your Acne + Body 👌

Do you ever wonder about those breakouts that pop up in the same exact spots? Well, according to an ancient concept used in both Ayurvedic and Chinese medical practices, face mapping explains why you might be getting flare ups on certain locations on the face.  

Face Mapping helps connect acne flare-ups to different ailments in your body—what reflexology is to the body, face mapping is to your skin, and where you're breaking out is a reflection of what's going on in your body. The philosophy of face mapping encourages dealing with the acne from the root cause, rather than covering it up with foundation.

While this approach is more on the side of holistic belief than science, investigating your breakouts and researching the areas they may be connected to can give you a better picture of your overall health and help you make more informed choices on how you eat or handle stress.

Upper Forehead: Digestive System and Bladder

If you are breaking out on your forehead, it could be linked to what you’re eating and a sluggish digestive system.


  • Drink plenty of water to flush out toxins.
  • Use our Bamboo Rice Face Cake Mask to remove toxins and extra oil from your skin.
  • Commit to a plant-rich diet with plenty of fresh organic fruits.
  • Increase probiotics such as kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha or kefir.
  • Consider supplementing with a probiotic capsule daily (found in health food stores).
  • Enrich your diet with antioxidant-rich foods or drinks like green tea, warm lemon water, avocados with coconut oil, and fresh berries.


  • Eat greasy foods and refined sugars.
  • Eat deep-fried, fatty foods.

Lower Forehead and Nose: Heart

Face mapping connects your lower forehead and nose to your heart, the massive organ responsible for pumping blood through your entire body.

It has a tough job and can become easily stressed due to a poor diet, inactivity, and various stressors.


  • Increase cardiovascular exercise.
  • Eat pomegranate and coconut oil to keep your heart healthy.


  • Live a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Eat foods that are not good for the heart.

Upper Cheeks: Lungs and Respiratory System

In face mapping, the belief is that our cheeks are connected to our respiratory system. So if you are experiencing breakouts, bumpiness, or congestion on your cheeks, chances are you have asthma, allergies, or live in a polluted area.


  • Use sunscreen.
  • Decorate your home with air-cleaning plants.
  • Get a diffuser with antimicrobial essential oils like eucalyptus, lemon, tea tree or peppermint.
  • Use an air purifier.
  • Use our Yuzu Lemonade Peel to unclog congested pores. 


  • Smoke.
  • Be around second-hand smoke.

Lower Cheeks: Gum or Teeth

Gum or teeth problems may contribute to acne in the lower cheek area.


  • Amp up fresh fiber-rich fruits and vegetables.


  • Eat refined sugar.
  • Drink soft drinks.

Sides of the Chin: Hormones

This area affects women in particular. Flare-ups on the sides of the chin are a good indication of hormonal imbalance. This can be due to menstruation, birth control pills or a diet high in soy. Sometimes, even emotional or physical stress can cause hormonal imbalances.


  • Get plenty of sleep.
  • Make a habit of meditating or doing yoga daily to keep the mind focused and stress-free.
  • Take lots of essential fatty acids such as omega-3s.
  • Drink green tea (a brilliant anti-androgen).
  • Use our Lavender Milk + Honey Face Cake Mask to soothe stressed skin.


  • Stay in stressful situations.
  • Stay out too late.

Center of the Chin: Small intestine and stomach

You are what you eat, or more accurately, you are what you can digest! If your gut is lacking probiotics and completely out of balance, it won’t matter how much good wholesome food you’re eating. The nutrients will simply pass right through you.

Face mapping links to poor diet and food allergies to your chin. If your diet is adequate you simply may not be digesting the nutrients you take in.


  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Address stress with lifestyle changes.
  • Consult with a nutritionist who can help you determine which foods don’t agree with your body.


  • Stress out.
  • Drink soft drinks.

Eyes or between the Eyebrows: Liver

Oiliness, redness, flakiness, and pimples in the eye area can indicate that your liver may have been overworked and is in need of a detox.


  • Take a spoonful of raw Manuka honey to let your liver rest while sleeping.
  • Eat more garlic, grapefruit, carrots, beets, leafy greens, root vegetables, and lemons/limes.
  • Use our Manuka Honey Mask to exfoliate and detox skin.


  • Eat greasy foods.
  • Eat soy and canola oil.
  • Drink alcohol and pasteurized dairy (or dairy altogether).
  • Eat late at night.

While face mapping may have its beliefs rooted in holistic practices, it’s empowering to listen to your skin and track when and where the breakouts occur. After all, your skin tells you what’s going on spiritually, emotionally, and physically!

Try skin visioning for 30 days, noting when breakouts occur along with lifestyle or diet changes to see how they correlate to your complexion. By monitoring your skin and how it reacts to your lifestyle and diet, you’ll be tackling the root cause to avoid damage or scarring, rather than exacerbating the problem with makeup or potentially damaging quick-fixes.

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