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Transform Your Thanksgiving With This Gratitude Game

Written by: Angela Kim



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One of my good friends, Traci Bild, always says, “What you’re grateful for grows.”

Consider life like a lively party filled with various conversations and activities—you can focus on the positive or the negative. 

By tuning into what you appreciate, you cultivate the “gratitude glow”—a presence that takes years off your face. Peace softens stress lines to not only reveal youthful vitality, it also make us feel lighter and brighter.

As you gather with friends and family for Thanksgiving this year, here’s a fun little gratitude activity you can do with others (as featured in Radical Radiance, chapter 12.) 

You can make it formal or keep it informal—the important part is to share! 

RITUAL: Gratitude Gathering

Time: 5+ minutes

Ingredients: Two or more people

Notes: This activity is perfect for teams, groups, or as a dinner game. Invite everyone to think of something they value about a chosen person beforehand. I usually send a message like, “We're having a fun appreciation game at dinner! Come ready to share something you appreciate, admire, or are grateful for about [Person's Name].”

1. Share

Set the stage by saying that everyone will share appreciation about a designated person in the room. You can break the ice by going first. 

2. Exchange

Allow everyone in the room to share gratitude statements or stories.

3. Appreciate

You can close the ritual with a personal “thank you” to everyone. 

4. Savor

Enjoy the gratitude glow that will uplift everyone!


Angela Jia Kim

For more self-love rituals to manifest abundance, beauty, and joy, read Angela's book, Radical Radiance.

Edited excerpt from RADICAL RADIANCE: by Angela Jia Kim.


Copyright © 2022 by the author and reprinted with permission of St. Martin's Publishing Group.

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