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Refresh Your Inner Glow

Refresh Your Inner Glow

If you have been following Savor Beauty, you know we’ve declared June the month to REFRESH both inside and out. This week’s New Moon is the perfect time to focus on the former. I like to use the start of the new lunar cycle as a jumping off point for refreshing my inner world intentions, planning for the coming month, and planting new seeds.

The time also serves as a reminder for me to connect with good friends and reflect on each other’s rich inner worlds. That’s why, on June 13, we are hosting a New Moon Party at Savor Beauty’s Upper West Side location.

We’ll be celebrating the launch of our new Daily Action Planner: My Next 90 Days. It’s part planner, part guidebook and will help you refresh your weekly and daily plan to ignite the inner glow that comes when you feel productive and creative, while taking time for self-care and holistic living.

I’ve invited esteemed friends to talk about how they ignite their own inner glow and manifest their life vision. I’ll also be sharing how I create my personal mantra every 90 days and will help others to create theirs.

In the spirit of all things refreshing, we will be serving raspberry, mint, and citrus Champagne cocktails, hosting a self-care station, and performing a sound bath ritual. Our trusted intuitives will be doing tarot, astrology, and face readings.

I’d love for you to join us in person if you live in NYC or virtually LIVE starting at 6:30 PM on Instagram.


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