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3 Ways to Feel Instantly Refreshed

3 Ways to Feel Instantly Refreshed

We’ve reached the point in the year when my daughter gets out of school, and we create fresh new routines with summer camp and more relaxing times out in the country. It’s the beginning of salty skin, floppy hats, and, thankfully, slower days to savor.

I always find this time reinvigorating, which is why I’m declaring June the month to REFRESH both in my own home and here at Savor Beauty.

Here are three of my favorite ways to refresh, from the inside out:

  1. Cool down with beauty ice cubes. Put your favorite herb or small fruit (like mint or blueberries) into an empty ice cube tray, fill it with water, and freeze overnight. You can enjoy a refreshing and cooling drink with beauty benefits the next day.

  2. Refresh with the Lavender Toning Mist. This is my beauty BFF that stays in my bag so I can instantly refresh on the go. Lavender’s antibacterial qualities keep New York “out of my pores,” and the calming aromatherapy is perfect before a yoga session or an important meeting. Remember to keep this potion in a cool, dry place so it stays fresh!                                                                                         
  3. Get a hit of natural happy chemicals. I like to write small successes, gratitudes, or celebrations in my Daily Action Planner. Things like “made a delicious pasta dish” or “nailed that presentation” give me a happy endorphin lift.

What are ways you like to refresh? Follow @SavorBeauty on Instagram and let us know.


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